Codex Beauty

Beauty Made Better


Codex is a data-driven skincare company that focuses on beauty breakthroughs in plant-based biotech innovation.

Their mission concentrates on doing the right thing over the easy thing. Codex delivers skincare backed by science, and not storytelling.

For Codex, effectiveness, transparency, and sustainability are significant factors of real beauty. And because their beloved community have entrusted them with delivering clinically proven products that also protect the microbiome, they continue to shine the lens on how they use science to make better beauty in the best way possible.

New Name, Same Dedication

Codex commitment to delivering biotech skincare inspired them to seamlessly rebrand as Codex Beauty Labs to inform how they use the sciences of ethnobotany, plant biology, and biotechnology to deliver the efficacy-rich, sustainably-minded products our customers know & trust.

The Efficacy Panel

Quantitative data is essential for customers to make fact-based decisions in purchasing functional skincare at the best possible price. That’s why they have happily unveiled The Codex Beauty Labs Efficacy Panel to display third-party efficacy testing results and valuable product performance.

The future of skin health rests on the symbiotic relationship between plant science and advancements in biotechnology. Skinfull Affairs are super excited to be a part of their journey and we look forward to sharing more of their story with you every step of the way.