The Hammam Beauty Routine

How to use the black aleppo soap

The Hammam routine includes an Aleppo black soap with eucalyptus and a black kessa glove for a deep scrub, as well as an organic three oils elixir for moisturizing. This routine lets you exfoliate your body using the age-old ritual of the Hammam.

1. Black Aleppo Soap - Body Gommage


For a truly oriental experience, first run a nice hot bath. This step is essential to dilate your pores before exfoliating. After relaxing in the bath for 5 to 10 minutes, coat your body in the Aleppo black soap with eucalyptus. Black soap is the absolute essential of the Hammam ritual! Its natural fragrance, coming from essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus, gives it great antiseptic and refreshing powers that soothe and release all tension.

Leave the soap on for 5 to 10 minutes before starting the exfoliation with a kessa glove for a vigorous scrub. Rinse thoroughly a first time with warm water and then massage vigorously with large movements over the entire body, again using the black glove. Rinse a second time with cold water. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and purified, rid of even its deep-down impurities.

Top tip: although the aim of a scrub and an exfoliant is to eliminate dead cells from the skin to encourage cell renewal, there is a certain difference that makes the two products complementary, thus providing a complete treatment. It’s preferable to start with a scrub to cleanse the outer layers of the epidermis and prepare the skin for exfoliation which cleans it deep down, eliminating excess sebum from the pores and refining the grain of the skin.

2. Black Kessa Glove


Commonly known as a kessa glove, the black glove is the essential and indissociable accessory to black soap for an oriental exfoliation ritual.

Apply the black soap over the entire body then rinse once with warm water and massage the whole body thoroughly with the black (kessa) glove using broad movements.


3. Skin moisturizing

After the scrub, protect your skin by moisturizing with the organic three oils elixir. The three oils elixir, composed of organic olive, black cumin and sweet almond oils is nourishing – ideal for regenerating your skin after exfoliating. Its neroli fragrance will transport you to the Orient.

So, ready to embrace a new beauty routine? Enjoy, with Najel, all the pleasures of the Hammam from the comfort of your own home!