Meet the Makers: MuMe

Emma Hyland - owner and founder of MuMe

Whilst travelling around the world (after completing my degree), I became increasingly interested in aromatherapy and natural product making; qualifying in 2005, I set up my own business later that year (in Bray), where I made personally designed skincare for my massage clients. In 2008 I started teaching along side the beauty and makeup department, in Blackrock Institute (At the time it was SCD), after spotting a need for a good quality brush cleanser it was here that the idea for MuMe was born; it's gentle but effective, no nasty chemicals, and is Irish made. 


Why is it important to clean your brushes? 

It is important to give your makeup brushes a good cleanse every now and then; dermatologists and makeup artists suggest once a week for a deep clean, using something like MuMe's Solid MakeUp Brush Cleanser, or whenever you change makeup looks using different colours.

Makeup brushes pick up dead skin cells as well as oil and makeup residue, unwashed brushes can harbour bacteria which can cause skin problems like spots and pimples and possible infection; it is best if you can clean them regularly so all residue and bacteria is removed and to ensure a smooth application of makeup. 

Cleaning your brushes with a natural and gentle cleanser will also help extend the life of your brushes. 

MuMe Solid MakeUp Brush Cleanser makes this process really easy and also leaves your brushes as good as new, super soft and beautifully clean.



Why choose MuMe Solid Make-Up Brush Cleanser:

  • MuMe is an Irish product; everything is sourced and produced in Ireland
  • 100% natural ingredients; no harsh chemicals so it’s kind to your brushes and good for use with sensitive skin
  • It does a really good job of removing make-up and cleansing brushes; it cleans like a dream!
  • It’s compact in the tin; making the cleaning process much easier
  • It’s not liquid; so no spills and easy for travelling
  • MuMe is a friendly, cruelty free, Irish company, who deliver fast effective product