Meet the Makers: Daughters of Flowers (Warrior Botanicals)

Daughters of Flowers, formely known as Warrior Botanicals, is a grassroots herb and botanical craft studio set in West Cork, making small-batch skincare and herbal potions in honour of traditional herbalism, folk traditions, the seasons, the elements and the the earth. 

Everything is made with deep respect, for the ingredients, the process, the land and our craft which they are proud and honoured to practice.  

They embrace the cycles, crafting products seasonally as our plant allies bloom and furl and to work with our bodies as they open and slow with the cycles.

They honour the old ways, the traditions of our homeland and the methods that have used for centuries and are now almost lost in the storm of mass production. Daughter's of Flowers' studio is 200 years old (once a grain store) and it sits above the river in the heart of Clonakilty town. Herbs hang drying from the rafters, oils sit infusing on our old wooden windows. They use wooden spoons, an old enamel bain-marie and a huge marble pestle and mortar to hand grind the herbs. All of their bags are hand-stamped, their labels applied with care and your parcels are sent out wrapped by them with a blessing. There is no machinery or short cuts in sight. All of the products and label illustrations are lovingly designed by Reidin in studio. 



Daughters of Flowers believe in herbs as healing for the people and in the secrets of the earth and in harmonious interaction with the landscape as a birthright to all people that has been hidden and spoilt for so many years.  

They are passionate that the wisdom of plants can be apart of the revolution against industry, mass-production, disconnection, disillusionment and despondency. 



The ingredients are the heart of their whole being. They use only the purest herbs, flowers, oils, butters, extracts and essences, always organic where possible, as local as they can source or sustainably wildcrafted from the land where they are rooted (weedy and invasive species only). 

In keeping with their namesake, they pledge to protect the earth, it’s plants and the endangered biodiversity of our landscapes at all costs and will never allow greed or profiteering to enter into their relationship to the land.

They never use synthetic or chemical ingredients nor do they ever use preservatives, even *natural ones or needless hardeners, thickeners, fillers, surfactants or cheap alternatives to wholesome ingredients. They are unapologetic in their refusal to use polyunsaturated oils like sunflower that have been proven to damage the skin. They exclusively use wholesome jojoba, camellia, olive and others that offer deep nourishment. Their beeswax and raw honey comes from a local homestead, their oils from small suppliers and our non wild herbs from trusted growers.They also have vegan alternatives without beeswax!