The Top 7 Yon-Ka Products for First-Timers

If you’ve never been one to follow a daily skincare routine, now’s the time to start. Good skin is not just a matter of genetics – it’s a matter of habit. Starting a skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated. What it really comes down to is knowing your skin type and choosing the right products. Yon-Ka Paris offers products and treatments for all skin types and every skin concern under the sun. Check them out to start building your skincare regimen.

Whether your skin is dull and moisture-deprived, inflamed and aggressed, or prone to breakouts, Yon-Ka Paris has the perfect solution. Before you go piling on the products, however, it’s best to start with basics. Build your skincare regimen from a solid foundation of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer then add serums and spot treatments as needed once your skin becomes acclimated.

With a variety of products to choose from, Yon-Ka Paris makes it easy to create your own customized skincare routine. If you’re just getting started, however, you may be unsure of where to start. These are some of our top recommendations for those who are new to the Yon-Ka brand:

  1. Cleansers Lait Nettoyant

Our luxurious, gentle cleansing milk is our best-selling cleanser for dry skin, yet is ideal for all skin types as a makeup remover or everyday cleanser. Composed of 85% ingredients of natural origin, this 2-in-1 cleanser makeup remover sweeps away all traces of makeup, pollution and impurities on the skin. 

Apply cleanser to the face and neck. Add water and make light circular movements. Rinse the cleanser off with water and follow with a Lotion Spritz and Moisturiser.

  1. Lotion Yon-Ka PS and PNG

These alcohol-free toners are the perfect way to optimize your skin care routine as they work to refresh and invigorate the skin. Composed of 99% of ingredients of natural origin and five key essential oils for multi-beneficial toning, purifying and invigorating effect. Available in two options: Lotion PS for dry skin to boost hydration and Lotion PNG to help control excess surface oils on the skin.

Apply to skin after cleansing by closing eyes and spraying over face and neck area, once absorbed in follow with applying a cream of choice.

  1. Gommage

Our pampering peeling gel exfoliant is a 4-in-1 facial peel that possesses an extraordinary exfoliating, clarifying, hydrating, and balancing effect in one. Composed of 94% ingredients of natural origin, the soft, non-irritating exfoliant is supremely gentle, rendering it perhaps the best exfoliator for sensitive skin.

Apply thick layer of the gel to the face and neck after cleansing and leave on for 1 to 2 minutes. Once the skin starts to feel a little tightening you can start to remove the product with your fingertips, stroking in one direction and then removing any excess by washing off or using damp cotton pads.

  1. Alpha Contour

Activate the natural cell renewal with this refreshing, non-greasy eye contour gel that hydrates the skin and smooths lines and wrinkles. A blend of revitalizing fruit acids softens the delicate area around the eyes and lips, gently buffing away visible signs of aging.

Apply a thin layer of eye contour cream with your ring finger in the morning and/or evening to the eye and lip area. Lightly tap on the skin and use drainage movements to reduce puffiness.

  1. Excellence Code

Our exquisite anti-aging cream is a powerhouse wrinkle cream designed with three proprietary Yon-ka botanical complexes that combine to fortify the moisture barrier, effectively firm skin, and enhance skin’s reflectivity for a beautifully youthful radiance.It's recommended for mature, hormonally-depleted skin.

Discover the new application gesture with the airless jar combining optimal product release & maximum safety. After removing the lid, press the white top down to release the cream. The harder you press, the larger the dose. The jar delivers 0.5 ml of cream when pressed down completely. In the morning and evening, after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply the cream to the face and neck. For an enhanced anti-aging effect, use the Cellular Code Serum beforehand.

  1. Glyconight 10% Masque

This high-performing creamy sleep mask boasts natural and organic ingredients that reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles, while amplifying the luminescence of the skin’s appearance – leaving it plump, glowing, and youthful.  Vegan and free from controversial ingredients GLYCONIGHT 10% is potent, effective, safe. 

Apply to the face and neck area after cleansing the skin, leaving it on the skin over night whilst sleeping, and then rinsing off in the morning. As a radiance-boosting mask, use the mask every other night as maintenance treatment.

  1. Phyto 58 PS & PNG

Phyto 58 PS is our rich, pampering night cream for dry skin is a multi-beneficial treatment that moisturizes, balances and revitalizes skin. Composed of 89% ingredients of natural origin, this deeply moisturizing night cream is designed with sweet almond oil and a 3% concentration of antiseptic rosemary oil for a natural draining effect that tightens the look of pores and enlivens fatigued skin.

Phyto 58 PNG is our light, pampering night cream for oily skin that has multi-beneficial treatments that balances, purify and invigorate the look of the skin. Composed of 89% ingredients of natural origin, this purifying night cream is designed with a 7% concentration of antiseptic rosemary oil for a natural draining effect.