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AT LAST Diffuser


AT LAST is an exotic, exciting and romantic  hand poured  vegan friendly reed diffuser which harnesses elegance and serenity from the Indian "Queen of Flowers". Creates a serene , rich, ethereal blend of jasmine, vanilla and cedarwood which sets the tone of any occasion. 

A scent for the moment you have been waiting for!

The blended scents include: 

  • Jasmine - holds the foremost position among bridal flowers in Indian weddings
  • Cedarwood -  can decrease the effects of anxiety - a warm, woody scent
  • Vanilla - sweet and pleasant 

Free from parabens, SLS, Petrochemical's and other synthetics. Made in Dublin/ Ireland.


  • Natural fiber black reeds
  • 100ml glass round apothecary style jar
  • Matte black recyclable Kraft gift box 

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