Coconut Balm Care


Carefully formulated and manufactured in the NAJJAR Laboratory, Najel coconut balm is made with Organic Olive oil known for its emollient properties and nourishing and soothing coconut oil.
Through the combined action of these precious ingredients, your skin and hair recover their suppleness, are nourished deep down and protected from environmental factors.

Najel coconut lotion is a complete repairing and protective care product suitable for all skin types.
Use it generously every day on every part of the body: your skin is protected and nourished deep down and is delicately scented. For the body, apply the lotion to clean, dry skin. Massage in gently until totally absorbed. Your skin is nourished and covered in a sweet, delicate coconut scent.

For the hair, apply a small amount of coconut lotion to the ends of the hair, leave to act then shampoo as usual. Your hair is once again strong and shiny.

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