Derma Roller


Ideal For

Radience, Revitalising, Scars, Stimulating


Cosmo Organic Certified

An efficient tool for those who want to reduce fine lines and prevent signs of ageing. It’s made with a system of 540 micro-needles and it beautifies your skin according to professional principles. When you treat your skin with the Derma Roller you stimulate the skin so it keeps its resilience and elasticity.

    NB! When you buy our Derma Roller, an empty bottle is included for cleaning your Derma Roller. You have to fill this bottle with ethanol and water in equal proportions. We’ve chosen to do it this way in order to make Derma Care as cheap as possible for you the consumer.


    The Derma Roller is to be used on the face, neck and décolleté. For men and women of all ages and for all skin types.

    Ecooking Derma Roller is well-suited for:

    • Dry acne/acne scars (do not use on acne in outbreak)
    • Enlarged/deep pores
    • Reduction of scars after surgery or burns
    • Pigmentation or uneven skin colour
    • Reduction of wrinkles or fine lines
    • Tightening of loose/sagging skin
    • The normalisation of oily skin
    • Rough skin texture


    We recommend using your Ecooking Derma Roller at night after cleansing your skin. Treat your face area for area, starting with e.g. your cheeks. Roll with an even, soft-touch both vertically, horizontally and diagonally, and continue with a new area.

    Remember to let the roller off the skin when changing direction to avoid rolling too many times over the same area. Finish with your favourite serum and moisturizer. Remember! It’s important to clean your Derma Roller after use.

    When you buy a Derma Roller an empty 50 ml Derma Care bottle is included. You have to fill this bottle with ethanol and water in equal proportions and use it to clean your Derma Roller.

    Use Ecooking Derma Roller together with your favourite serum from Ecooking.

    • Ecooking Super Serum is to be used by: Men and women aged 35+  
    • Acne Serum is used for blemished skin/acne scars,  
    • Moisturizing Serum is to be used when your skin needs a moisture boost  
    • Vitamin E Serum heels and repairs damaged skin.

    *Remember that the serum is to be applied after the use of Derma Roller




    My skin turns red after using the peeling mask? Is that normal?

    It is actually perfectly normal! It is not unusual that your skin might turns red after applying the Ecooking Peeling Mask. It is the active ingredients in the mask, which can cause this. Remember to add a lot of moisture after use.

    Why is it called ‘’Ecooking’’?

    It is called Ecooking because it originally was created in Tina’s kitchen, who are the Ecooking founder. ‘’Eco’’ for ecological ingredients and ‘’cooking’’ because of where it all started – in the kitchen. ‘

    What is the best way to use the products?

    The most important steps to a good skin care routine is ‘’cleanse and moisture’’. We will always recommend to cleanse the skin, and afterwards it is important to add moisture. After use of cleanser, you can add a serum, and finish with a moisturizing cream