Discovery Kit Men


Ideal For

Combination Skin, Normal Skin


Natural Ingredients

The perfect starting kit for men


- Foam Gel: A non-drying, cooling deep-cleansing foam gel with sanitizing plant-science based agenst & purifying essential oils.

- Lotion YK: So much more than after-shave care, this men's skin fitness alcohol free tonic with 9 essential oils is a mood-lifting boost for the skin.

- Age Defense: A high potency, lightweight anti-wrinkle moisturizer. Based on anti-aging, phyto-stimuline technology, this ultra-hydrator releases ultra-repairing and anti-pollution power packed ingredients to help keep all skin types young & smoothed all day with fewer creases.


  • 5ml Foam Gel
  • 7.5ml YonKa Lotion
  • 3ml Age Defense Moisturiser



Where does the name Yon-Ka come from?

Yon and Ka bring together what seems distant: knowledge and mystery, science and nature, movement and rest, shadow and light. And when these two syllables unite, the brand is born and becomes the symbol of permanent regeneration, of rediscovered harmony, of the reconciliation of body and mind.

Where Do The Plants Used In Yon-Ka Products Come From?

Hundreds of plants that go into the composition of Yon-Ka products come from many countries. To cite as an example the 5 Quintessence essential oils that are used in the composition of many Yon-Ka products:

lavender (lavandula vera) and cypress (cupressus sempervirens) are native to Haute Provence (France),
geranium (pelargonium graveolens) from Egypt,
rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis with cineol) from Morocco,
thyme (thymus vulgaris) from Spain.
Each essential oil, each plant or marine extract is selected according to its properties and according to very specific criteria. To guarantee the quality and stability of these parameters, these raw materials are subject to rigorous laboratory controls before their use.

Are Yon-Ka Products Organic?

The selected terrestrial and marine plants come from renewable resources and primarily organic agriculture.

Do Yon-Ka Products Contain Parabens?

1/3 of the hundreds of formulas produced are self-preserving without the addition of preservative thanks to the bactericidal action of essential oils. When preservatives are necessary for perfect microbiological safety, they are chosen in accordance with international regulations.
At the end of 2014, parabens will gradually disappear from all Yon-Ka formulas.