Ecooking Bath Salt

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Calming, Fragrance Free, Pampering, Relaxing


Cosmo Organic Certified, Cruelty Free, Natural Ingredients, Paraben Free, Vegan
"Our seaweed salt from Mariager Sea Salt Factory is located by Mariager Fjord in Denmark. The seaweed has been dried, and put back into the water in order to suck up salt water. The seaweed is re-dried and becomes a sort of ash, which, together with the salt, leaves the grey, cloudy color. This process means that our salt contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains among other things
  • Natural vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Sulphates
Ecooking Salt is e.g. used:
  • As foot scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
  • As body scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
  • As face scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
  • As hand scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
  • In the foot bath
  • In the bathtub
  • For cooking

100% vegan.

Mix Ecooking Multi Oil with the salt and you have a wonderful body scrub. Mix a teaspoon baking powder together with 3 spoons of salt and a little oil, and you have an outstanding face scrub. If you have had an “accident” with tanning oil, mix the juice from a lemon with the salt and scrub your skin.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Minerals**, Magnesium**, Calcium**, Potassium**, Sulphates**, Natural Vitamins**, Natural Iodine** * = organic · ** = natural"


Maris Sal**


To make a body scrub blend the salt with Ecooking Multi Oil 1:1 and work your way to the right texture. For a face scrub blend 1 spoon of baking powder with 3 spoons of salt and a bit of oil and – voila! – you’ve got a great face scrub.




My skin turns red after using the peeling mask? Is that normal?

It is actually perfectly normal! It is not unusual that your skin might turns red after applying the Ecooking Peeling Mask. It is the active ingredients in the mask, which can cause this. Remember to add a lot of moisture after use.

Why is it called ‘’Ecooking’’?

It is called Ecooking because it originally was created in Tina’s kitchen, who are the Ecooking founder. ‘’Eco’’ for ecological ingredients and ‘’cooking’’ because of where it all started – in the kitchen. ‘

What is the best way to use the products?

The most important steps to a good skin care routine is ‘’cleanse and moisture’’. We will always recommend to cleanse the skin, and afterwards it is important to add moisture. After use of cleanser, you can add a serum, and finish with a moisturizing cream