Heat Protection Spray

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Ideal For

Normal Hair


Natural Ingredients, Vegan

Your hair is not fond of high temperatures. When using hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons you expose your hair to excessive heat and if your hair is not protected this heat can easily damage your hair and lead to split ends. One way to protect your hair is to keep it moisturised. Moisturised hair is more elastic and more resistant to heat damage.

Thus, Heat Protection is a mixture of natural ingredients – such as beetroot extract, corn starch, and Trehalose – that provide hair with longlasting hydration. 






My skin turns red after using the peeling mask? Is that normal?

It is actually perfectly normal! It is not unusual that your skin might turns red after applying the Ecooking Peeling Mask. It is the active ingredients in the mask, which can cause this. Remember to add a lot of moisture after use.

Why is it called ‘’Ecooking’’?

It is called Ecooking because it originally was created in Tina’s kitchen, who are the Ecooking founder. ‘’Eco’’ for ecological ingredients and ‘’cooking’’ because of where it all started – in the kitchen. ‘

What is the best way to use the products?

The most important steps to a good skin care routine is ‘’cleanse and moisture’’. We will always recommend to cleanse the skin, and afterwards it is important to add moisture. After use of cleanser, you can add a serum, and finish with a moisturizing cream