Moyee Coffee Double Blend - Ground Filter

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Fair Chain, Sustainable

Full-bodied with hints of fruit and chocolate. At Moyee, we love partnerships. This is why we decided to let our beans partner up and boy did that pay off!

The fruity flavours of the washed Limu bean match perfectly with the sweeter, warmer flavours of the unwashed Jimma and create a beautiful balance. This blend gives you warm, full-bodied cocoa flavours with a finish of brown sugar and a hint of fruitiness. A match made in coffee heaven!


Ground Coffee - 250g


What is the difference between the different blends of coffee?

There are 4 different blends within the Moyee range and each one of them offers a different flavour and intensity. Please visit individual product page to find out more information on the flavour and intensity of the coffee!

What is Fair Chain?

About 8 years ago a bunch of African and European entrepreneurs launched Moyee Coffee. Their ambition was to reimagine the coffee industry and share more of the value from coffee with coffee growing countries. They called this model FairChain. This allowed Moyee to develop a roadmap for a living income for coffee farmers which could also protect and rejuvenate the wildlife habitats of the coffee belt.

Where is Moyee coffee made?

Moyee coffee is produced from bean-to-bag in Ethiopia.