MuMe's Peppermint Collection Vegan Makeup Brush Cleansing Set



Cruelty Free, Made in Ireland, Natural Ingredients, Sustainable, Vegan

Everything in this wonderful box is cruelty free, made from natural ingredients, 100% Irish made and cleans like a dream. No nasty stuff just good quality natural ingredients. Designed to gently remove makeup residue, dirt & bacteria from natural & synthetic brushes as well as sponges.

"makes your makeup brushes feel as good as new" 

What's in the box:

  • MuMe's Peppermint Vegan Solid Makeup Brush Cleanser; 50g/1.76oz
  • MuMe's Peppermint Daily Brush Cleansing Spray; 100ml/3.38floz
  • MuMe's Pink Microfibre Cloth; 40cm x 40cm 


Solid Cleanser Ingredients: Sustainable Palm oil, Coconut oil, Aqua, Kaolin clay.

Essential oils: Peppermint.
No nasty stuff just good quality natural ingredients.


"Wet the brush or sponge with warm water and swirl it around in the cleanser until it creates a creamy texture. Continue to swirl the brush in the palm of your hand and rinse, always dry brushes flat.

Rinse any makeup off the cleanser and leave to dry before the lid goes back on."


Is MuME Vegan?

Although MuMe has vegan and non-vegan alternatives, the products we stock in Skinfull Affairs are all 100% vegan.

Where is MuMe made?

MuMe is 100% Irish

How do I use the MuMe cleanser?

Simply wet the brush, swirl it around in the tin to form a creamy lather, rinse and repeat until all makeup residue is removed. You can then leave it to dry flat overnight.