Vegan Body & Hair Gift



Cruelty Free, Natural Ingredients, Paraben Free, Vegan

This gift set includes 100% natural and organically sourced ingredients to protect and nourish the hair and skin. 

Gift includes:

  • Najel Castor Oil (suitable for hair, body and eyelash/brow growth)
  • Najel 100ml Shea Butter with natural vanilla fragrance
  • Sustainable plastic-free gift packaging (packiging types may vary)



How is Aleppo Soap made?

Aleppo soap is made of olive oil and bay laurel oil which gives it its emerald green colour. Once the paste Is cut, the soap is dried for a minimum of 9 months. During this time, the soap oxidizes at the surfaces and develops a yellow/brown colour. You can visit our blog of full description on how Aleppo soaps are made.

Is Najel Vegan?

Yes! All of Najel products are vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free.

How do I pick the right Aleppo soap for my skin type?

For daily use of Aleppo soap for oily or normal to combination skin, we recommend using a soap with a low percentage of bay laurel oil (BLO). For example, Najel’s 100% Olive Soap, 5% BLO or 12% BLO which makes it suitable to use for the whole family.
An Aleppo soap with a high percentage of bay laurel oil (30% and above) is more suitable for dry, sensitive, and reactive skins.