Organic Chamomile Lavender 60g



Herbal, Made in Ireland

Ingredients: Rooibos, fennel, rose hip peels, chamomile blossom (15%), lemon balm leaves, lavender blossom (4%), rose blossom leaves.



Are Yon-Ka Products Tested On Animals?

Yon-Ka products are not tested on animals; safety tests are performed using alternative methods. In vivo tests are carried out on human volunteers under medical supervision:
clinically tested means that the tolerance and / or efficacy tests have been carried out on humans under the supervision of an Investigating Physician;
dermatologically tested means that these same tests were carried out on humans under the supervision of a Dermatologist
Here are the tests that Yon-Ka products undergo before their launch on the market:
Objectivation tests.
Tests carried out by instrumental techniques on volunteers
For these tests, the selection and the number of volunteers, the duration of application, depend on the claim and the instructions for use of the product.
Measurement of non-comedogenicity (measurement of the appearance or not of blackheads): test carried out on approximately at least 20 volunteers with mixed, oily or acne-prone skin after application of the product under normal conditions of use for 4 weeks,
Hydration measurement
Measurement of exfoliating and brightening power
Firming power measurement
Wrinkle depth measurement
Etc ...
Tests carried out on cell cultures for the objectivation of active ingredients
Tests carried out on epidermal models, reconstructed pigmented epidermis from different ethnic groups
Tests carried out on human skin explants taken during surgery and kept alive - (e.g .: test carried out on the Advanced Optimizer Cream for the demonstration of anti-MMP1 activity)
Consumer tests
They are carried out on 10 to 150 consumers and make it possible to better identify the strengths and weaknesses of a product, compare the assessment against a group of people meeting specific characteristics to define the optimal formula to market .

What is the recommended temperature to brew Tea?

Are there different amounts of caffeine in teas?

What is a good Iced Tea recommendation & How is it made?

Iced Tea is traditionally a black tea infused & poured over Ice served with a slice of lemon.
A good alternative is our Fruit & Hibiscus blend. Infuse with Hot water and pour over Ice. Add frozen fruits or use as a  cocktail base.

How much tea should be used to make a perfect cup of Tea?

A good guide is 1 level tea spoon for leaf tea, 2 level tea spoons for herbal tea as herbals can be very light in weight. Best to increase brewing for an extra minute rather than add more tea for stronger cup.