Plant Soy Candle - Bucolic Meadow

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Cruelty Free, Hand Made, Natural Ingredients, Sustainable, Vegan

This candle is infused with lavender and bergamot extracts that alleviate strains and calm down the racing mind. The scent of the Bucolic Meadow candle helps you to unwind after a tough day at work or a stressful situation, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation while reading a book or taking an aromatherapy bath.  

This aroma can help you to fall asleep and brings the sense of safety and tranquility. 


This natural candle is made from the highest quality of 100% eco and GMO-free soy wax which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly too! It burns at a lower temperature than paraffin and does not emit any harmful toxins. Additionally, natural essential oils demonstrate aroma therapeutic effects that eliminate strains, stress and help in fighting fatigue. 

Candles are made in reusable jars once the candle burns out. 


140 grams


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How long does your candles last?

Our candles have an average burning time of 30 hours.