Silk Compact Blush 03

 Formulated with natural ingredients, this compact blush is rich in soothing and restorative properties as well as suited to the most sensitive skins. Light, comfortable texture revives natural glow-giving skin a healthy, radiant look. Kripa powders are made from a selection of all-natural ingredients that are gentle and soothing on the skin, guaranteeing maximum skin compatibility. The formulas are void of traditional preservatives. Microbial purity is maintained by alternative skin-enhancing ingredients. 


SHEA BUTTER Action: softening and replenishing. CORN STARCH Action: redness relief, soothing. WITCH HAZEL OIL Action: gentle softener with notable soothing properties that calms redness. COTTONSEED OIL Action: rich in omega 3 and omega 6, it replenishes and repairs the skin. LAUROYL LYSINE Action: natural texturizer, leaves the skin soft and silky. ROSEMARY OIL Action: antioxidant.

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