Spa Shower Gel Thermal Spring

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Ideal For

Hydrating, Uplifting


Cosmos Natural Certified, Cruelty Free, Natural Ingredients, Vegan
Experience a waterfall of organic aromas with this refreshing shower gel. Organic aloe vera extract deeply hydrates the skin, while organic laminar extract rejuvenates and revives the skin’s appearance. Marine minerals help to deeply nourish and restore the skin’s natural structure, providing youth-boosting benefits.

Shower Gel

Volume 280ml


Is Organic Shop vegan?

Many of Organic Shop products are vegan but not all, as they have some vegetarian alternatives. However, all products sold at Skinfull Affairs from Organic Shop are 100% vegan!

Are Organic Shop products all natural?

All Organic Shop products contain at least 98% naturally sourced ingredients with at least the lead active ingredients always being Organic!

What is the difference between a sugar scrub and a polish?

The sugar scrubs use sugar as a granule to exfoliate your skin and the body polishes use natural salt grains.