Volume Intense Lipgloss 03

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Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free


Cruelty Free, Natural Ingredients, Paraben Free

Formulated using only natural ingredients, this silky lipgloss coats the lips with vivid colour and luminosity, providing long-lasting shine and maximum comfort.

Its innovative formula combines the oils of macadamia and olive, which- when expertly blended- provides the lips with a nourishing layer of protection against environmental damage.

Traditional lipglosses commonly use chemical products derived from petroleum, which can dry out the lips and destroy the water retention levels within the epidermis.

Kripa Venezia lipglosses are free from petroleum and are enriched with natural ingredients that provide volume, moisture and regeneration properties to the lips.

Shade:   03 Bright Coral    


  • Biomimetic Peptide*: Stimulates collagen production and GAG (glycosaminoglycan). Proven through In-Vitro and clinical tests to hydrate and define the lip’s contour.
  • Ecocert-Approved Esters: Deeply softens the lips
  • Food Grade Vanilla Extract: Provides an all-natural, subtle fragrance
  • Vegetable Lanolin: 100% vegetable origin and PEG-free. Mimics the performance of traditional lanolin, absorbing large quantities of water. Provides intense moisture to the lips and provides a protective barrier to prevent water loss.
  • Rosemary Oil: Accelerates blood flow to the lips, providing a plumping effect
  • Apricot Oil: A natural skin conditioner, softens the lips
  • Shea Butter: Restores and heals the lips
  • Vegetable Derivative from Olive Oil and Vegetable Waxes: Optimum natural alternative to petroleum jelly with the same chemical and physical characteristics. Ecocert-approved.
  • Liquorice Extract: A powerful calming agent, helps to soothe the lips


Does Kripa offer different types of coverage?

Yes. Our Kripa BB creams provide a light coverage, Total Revive foundation provides a light-medium finish and Expert Touch is medium-high coverage.

Are Kripa products cruelty free?

Yes! Kripa is cruelty-free, 100% vegetarian and some products are vegan too. Please see individual pages for more information.

Is Kripa suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! Amongst many other ingredients Kripa is 100% free from alcohol, fragrance, and silicones which makes it perfect for customers with sensitive or allergic skin types.